Monday, March 12, 2018

Last day in Georgetown, Exuma

Our hull has started to grow "stuff".  There is a special paint that is applied to the bottom that makes this growth difficult, but it's effectiveness fades with time. This growth is a combination of algae and barnacles.  It slows the boat speed due to the extra drag.

  So, I hopped in the water to try to scrape some of it off.

After some scrubbing.  Not perfect, but you don't want to scrub too hard because the expensive bottom paint away.

My papaya seems ripe.  I've learned previously that you don't want to let these fruit go too long as rot sets in really quickly in the warm humid air.

I had a few slices -  nice and mellow and sweet.

Into the fridge for a snack tomorrow morning.

Time to say goodbye to our friends from What If and Now & Zen....they are moving south and we will be moving north.

It's amazing how easily friendships form on the water!  We will see them again sometime in our future travels!


  1. Don't want to slow that boat down. Good Job. That papaya looks about perfect, bet it was good. MOM

  2. ...can I scrape your bottom...haha...