Saturday, March 24, 2018

Man-O-War Cay

Today was pleasant weather so we finally lifted anchor and headed over to Man-O-War Cay. 

Beautiful day on the Sea of Abaco!

 We anchored a bit west of the island.

 Reid and Laurie met up with us and took us on shore.

Narrow entrance to Man-O-War harbor.

 We rented a golf cart to explore the island a bit.

The island is small - just a few miles long and the "roads" are all just golf cart paths.

Some of the "roads" are just sand paths.

The island is well known for it's boat-building - the Albury family is famous for building these boats.

Just toured the island.

 Ocean side views.

The "Narrows" - just a narrow strip separating the ocean side from the Sea of Abaco.

In the "settlement", the "roads" are actually concrete.

Before long, it was time for Reid and Laurie to go back north to Great Guana.  Fun day!

And as usual, a pretty sunset!

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