Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Georgetown, Exumas

Busy fun day.

This morning they had a cruiser's volleyball tournament, so we dinghied over to watch.

Good fun.

They were serious about their competition!  I think there were 6 teams.

Then in the afternoon, we got together with the What If folks and did a nice trail walk across the narrow island to the Exuma Sound.  

Looking back over the crest of the hill towards the anchorage.

Here is a zoomed-in version showing the three Mantas.

Ed and Cathy on the trail.

Beautiful views of the sound.

The trail was a little obscure....so we just followed the shoreline.

The surf was huge - 10-15' rollers.   Beautiful to watch.

Back to the boat for a relaxing evening.   In my favorite hammock!

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  1. ...Nice trail...glad you've got some new friends to hike with...