Sunday, March 18, 2012

And We're Baaaacck!

Finally a trip to the boat!  Life and/or weather has gotten in the way of a boat trip lately.  But all forces were in harmony this weekend and we flew down for the weekend. 

I always love approaching the New Bern airport and I'm slightly disappointed if we don't get assigned runway 22 for landing.....Landing on runway 22 means we get to fly over the pattern of bridges and highways over the Neuse River.  I was not disappointed though!  By the way - the haze you can see in this photo is not clouds - it's actually waves of pollen that you could see from the airplane!  Many, many pine trees!

Yucky fishy photo ahead!

We knew the boat would probably be a little messy on the outside as it usually is after a month or two of "neglect" - pollen, pine needles, bird poop, etc.

Last year we had otters.  Yucky debris left from their nightly feasts on the boat.  We repositioned the boat in the slip, hopping that the otters would not be a comfortable climbing onto the more-open stern platform.

Well, it was better than last year (there were dozens of dead fish/guts) - but I still used about a gallon of bleach and some muscle to rid the swim platform of this lovely mess....

Lots of cleaning - got the dinghy down from it's winter perch and found lots of mold/mildew...

Some more bleach and elbow grease and it's good as new!

Oh - and we did go out for an evening sail - not a lot of wind, but a nice warm relaxing time.

We should have turned around a bit sooner!!  It was getting very dark as we approached Oriental.

We don't often sail this late in the day!  Good experience though.

Oh, forgot to mention the important stuff.  We went to Toucan's for lunch - instead of a real lunch, I had a cup of chowder and this lovely St. Patty's concoction complete with Creme de Menth drizzle.  Yum.

Sunday morning at the marina.....calm and foggy.

We spent some more time boat-cleaning and headed home mid-day.

And we picked up a hitch-hiker at New Bern....Bill Houston bummed a ride back to Siler City  - we tolerated him "as  best we could"....just kiddin' of course!