Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Oriental, NC

Beautiful sunrise!

Our headsail is in need of some repairs - more than we want to handle.   Remember the hand-sewing we did in the Bahamas?  It's time to get proper patches done, along with some other maintenance on the hardware.

Loaded it up in the truck to take to the sailloft.

The shop is open but doesn't allow anyone to enter.  The owner came out to the truck (masked of course) and took the sail inside.

Monday, June 29, 2020

Oriental, NC

I've been meaning to take the dinghy chaps off and do some adjustments.  After the winter in the Bahamas, things had stretched here and there.  This is at the bow - originally this seemed to fit tightly but water while we're motoring must have stretched it.  In any case, the fit is just not right so I made some marks with a magic pen that disappears by applying water.  I'll use these marks to place a new naugahyde panel.

Same goes for this panel - the vinyl placard is just not in the exact correct spot so the handles are not as exposed as they should be.  Really not a big deal but I wanted them fixed.

So I got the chaps untied - no small feat!

Got to work with the seam ripper to remove the old patch.

Cut out a new, larger patch.

And then got to work sewing it on.  The new "Monster Wheel" on my sewing machine was a dream to work with.    I also re-sewed several of the main seams on the chaps while I had them off just to add some security for the next season.  The chaps are by definition out in the full sun and it takes a toll on the thread.

 The "after" photo.  Much better, not perfect.  But glad that chore is done!

In order to get the chaps fitted correctly, we had to drop the dinghy, deflate it a bit, then Duane tightened the attachment string with a huge amount of force to keep it tight.  Then we decided we'd go for a dinghy ride.

Stopped by our neighbors dock and chatted (at a safe distance) with  Rick and Susan for a few minutes.  

And Ed joined us for a nice ride out in the little canals.  He's breaking in the new motor on their dinghy.

Back to the boats - calm and very warm day!

 My turn to make dinner - I made the standard 1 Hour Breadsticks.  Unfortunately, I didn't get the mix of sugar/cinnamon quite right and they turned out less than spectacular.  But the regular breadsticks were a hit.

Sunday, June 28, 2020

Oriental, NC

We went flying again in the morning - pretty but overcast day.  I think some of that Saharan sand might be affecting visibility. 

Duane did some practice instrument approaches - he wears these "Foggles" vision-limiting glasses.  Notice that most of the lens is opaque black.  This simulates flying in the clouds as you only look thru the small clear opening in the glasses at the instrument panel, not outside the airplane.  (He's got his regular sunglasses propped on his forehead so looks a little other-worldly...)

Here's our flight path -  good to back practicing again.

And then it was a trip back to the boat finally!!

When we arrived, Ed was mowing the lawn and Cathy was cooking supper for us - picking up where we left off! 

They had gathered all the mail and it was waiting on us.   The long awaited birthday present from my sweet sister.  (It had gotten lost in the mail but was amazingly returned to her for another try).

Was happy that our card that we repeatedly send to each other had not been "lost in the mail"!

 Love my pressies!!!  Sweet slippers - these will be particularly nice on those long overnight passages when my feet are dangling in the air from the captain's chair.

And I love, love, love my new dish towel!

Isn't that beautiful!!!  She even has the Bahamas's flag detailed.  Love these muslin dish towels - if they get a stain, a little bleach and they're good to go.  (And the embroidery floss does not fade).

It's warm in Oriental!  We both have our sunshades out.  We'll get started on some boat chores...

Saturday, June 27, 2020

Pittsboro, NC

Our new neighbors are making good progress on their pond construction.  We took a walk over just to take a peek.  This is looking back towards our hangar.

And they just finished mowing the runway and it looks so manicured!   (All this rain we've had over the past month helps, of course!)

Thursday, June 25, 2020

Pittsboro, NC

Went for another flight - getting ready for takeoff at Eagles Landing.  The runway is looking so pretty and green!

Just putzing around in the sky - over Jordan lake - flew over our old house in New Hill - amazingly there is a subdivision right across the road from the house!  When we were there it was the boonedocks!!

For those of you that remember, our old house/12 acres is the diamond in red.  Not much has changed on our actual property, but the drive in is certainly different.

Went over to Pat and Diane's for a great outside visit.  A.D. the airport dog is happy as always.  She's 16 years old!

Chatted long into the night - beautiful sunset - I assume some of that Saharan sand is helping make it spectacular.  We were out way past our bedtime!

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Pittsboro, NC

Had a bit of a busy day.

We had a nice social lunch with Richard at the airport.  Duane and he did some troubleshooting on a broken drink machine.....and then they removed the old maintenance company's sign from the hangar.  There will be a new maintenance company coming in a couple of weeks so we're pretty stoked about that.

And then we had a wonderful, distanced book club meeting!!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Pittsboro, NC

I haven't done a food post lately -- we had curry last night.  It's such a fun but sortof labor-intensive stew.

Really a simple dish, just lots of ingredients.

Fresh veggies.

I baked two tubs of firm tofu - coated in olive oil, soy sauce and corn starch - nice and crispy.

I stir-fried onions, fresh garlic and fresh chopped ginger root separately.  (I don't want the other veggies to get too limp).

I tossed these frozen veggies in the microwave for  about 7 minutes.  Not enough to really cook them because again, I don't want them soggy.

Most of the other ingredients - just make a creamy, wonderful sauce with a cup or two of added water.

Then toss everything together in a big pot!

Served over jasmine rice - really delicious!

Monday, June 22, 2020

Pittsboro, NC

I was quite busy today-   finally got back out and finished the front stoop painting.

Hard to see, but the concrete was getting pretty bare looking. 

And here it is all fresh and painted.  I know, doesn't look much different in the photo, but I assure you that it's much nicer now.

A different view...sorry for the shadows.

And we went flying today!  I was at the controls, so I didn't take any photos.  Just dusting off the rust off my flying skills after so long not flying.

And the  plane itself was dusty too - so it got a nice bath.

Sunday, June 21, 2020

Pittsboro, NC

I drove into Pittsboro to pick up a relay for the Escape (fingers crossed that it's fixed!!).

The courthouse was occupied by a small group of demonstrators of a different ilk -

A little more low-key than the previous group.

Saturday, June 20, 2020

Pittsboro, NC

I ventured out to the garbage dump and grocery store (properly masked, of course).  The "confederate crazies" were out again at the Pittsboro courthouse.  What a sad scene, such a waste of time and perverted view of a something to celebrate.  (I get it, of course....states rights and all that....but that flag is so, so much more that is harmful to so many....)  End of rant.

I undertook a chore - re-staining the front steps.   They had gotten weathered over several years.  

Hard to see so here's a closeup.  The wood is not really damaged, the stain is just peeling.

Before I got finished, it was threatening to rain....so I decided to quit before I got to the concrete stoop.  Hard to see because of the shade, but the steps turned out nice and fresh. 

The stoop will have to wait for another day.