Saturday, December 14, 2019

Morgan's Bluff, Andros, Bahamas

Lazy rainy day....

Made my first loaf of bread.  (Baked some sweet potatoes in the same warm oven to be frugal with my propane!)

Then we took a little stroll up to Morgan's actual bluff.  Breezy and pretty.  Not much else happening, planning to go to a small cay tomorrow for some exploring.

Friday, December 13, 2019

Stil Morgan's Bluff, Andros, Bahamas

We set out to sail south to Fresh Creek.....

Now & Zen under sail in choppy seas.

But it was pretty yucky out -  Now & Zen called to see if we wanted to turn around and go south on a better day....So we said sure.  We're in no rush.

So we sailed back and anchored again at Morgan's Bluff.

Leslie arranged a rental car, so off we went.  Just exploring the island. 

Stopped by the Mennonite far for veggies.  Great locally grown veggies, a rarity in the Bahamas and one of Leslie's (and my) favorite stops.

This year we were in luck - the Ambrosia batik cloth factory was open for tours!  (Last year it was Jan 1st and everything was closed.)

The process is pretty simple - they start with plain white cloth.

And choose the appropriate natural sponge stamp.   This stamp is submerged in hot wax and used to stamp the pattern on the cloth.

The ladies use the lighted table to stamp the cloth at regular intervals.  They have different backlit patterns for different size stamps (and different arrangements of the stamps too depending on the design).

The wax-stamped cloth is then taken to the dye room.  Here the cloth is dyed in various color vats (bathtubs).  This gentleman is washing out the wax in boiling hot water.  He's using heavy rubber gloves to protect his hands.  When all the wax is washed away, it reveals the pretty white pattern.  (They catch and recycle the wax).

And then the cloth is hung out to dry in the back yard.

And these ladies make all sorts of garments from the cloth - here they're ironing aprons.  Cool visit.

We stopped for a late lunch on the way back, early night.

Thursday, December 12, 2019

Morgan's Bluff, Andros, Bahamas

Last day at Morgan's Bluff....we went out to the exposed reef for a lovely snorkel.

We were snorkeling around this little spit with breaking waves.  A little difficult but worth it.

The coral there was just beautiful

And I spotted a small ray asleep on the ocean floor.

Really nice to see such healthy coral.

Fun day, we'll sail all day tomorrow south to Fresh Creek.

Wednesday, December 11, 2019


Here are a couple of shots Leslie took of us at Whale Cay - I stole them from her Facebook page and share them here because we just don't have that many photos of the two of us!

Morgan's Bluff, Andros, Bahamas

We moved out to the anchorage from the dock - the bar next door was just a little too loud until about one else around.

 The mailboat came in at the government dock....

Can't miss it because it clearly says "Mailboat"....I don't think I've seen this one before.  Seems like a rather nice boat compared to the usual ones we see.

Our propane tank ran dry while I was cooking breakfast, so Duane changed it out with our spare that we keep in the bow compartment.  The empty tank was very rusty - it had been in it's compartment under the helm station for 6 or 8 months undisturbed since the Bahamas in the spring.  Duane decided that he didn't want to lug the rusty thing ashore to have it refilled - so we sanded it down.....

 And painted it with Rustoleum.  Not a perfect job, but at least we won't be shedding rust all over the boat and dinghy.  

That's about the only excitement for the day - breezy and warm.  Dinner on Now & Zen and then a fun game of Mexican Train dominoes. 

Monday, December 9, 2019

Morgan's Bluff, Andros, Bahamas

Arrived at Morgan's Bluff after a nice 3 hour sail.

Morgan's Bluff harbour is a working harbor.  Lots of local fishing boats.

Leslie and Ralph had made arrangements with the fuel guy for us to tie up at the fuel dock overnight.  (They're not open on Sunday).

Leslie's local bonefishing guide and now friend Prescott drove over for a visit.

We rafted up with Now & Zen for the evening.

Had a nice evening at the bar - played dominoes with some local folks.  Good fun but loud music!

A bit rainy this morning....we'll get fuel at some point and go out to the anchorage afterwards.

Sunday, December 8, 2019

Whale Cay, Berry Islands, Bahamas

Another fabulous day!

Ralph had a beach spot he wanted to check out a few miles away.  So we all got in the dinghies and headed over.

Ralph and Leslie.

Robert and Linda from Voyager.

Beautiful shallow "flats".

Getting water shoes on.

Ralph and Leslie.

Robert and Linda.

Leslie took this photo for me.

 We all wandered around, picking up pretty shells. 

Robert propped his Iphone in the sand and took this time-delay photo of the group.

 Back to the boats in the early afternoon.

We had a nice evening meal with the 3 couples on Now & Zen.

And Voyager left this morning to go north into the Berries.  We'll head south to Morgan's Bluff, Andros this afternoon.   We'll likely run into Voyager again sometime.

Saturday, December 7, 2019

Whale Cay, Berry Islands, Bahamas

Had a very busy day yesterday!

We took the dinghies for a long ride out to the southern end of Whale Cay where we had seen a reef  on the navigation chart. 

We found it and enjoyed it - but it was not really all that special.  I guess we're spoiled!  Fun though.

Leslie and Ralph getting ready to drop anchor at the reef.

Pretty coral, clear water.

At the tip of Whale Cay there is an abandoned lighthouse.

So we pulled the dinghies over to the beach and went for a little walk.

The lighthouse path/road.  Clearly this was an active area long ago.

But inside is almost rubble.

View from inside what appears to be the "keeper's room".

View of the ocean to the south.  This is where we were snorkeling earlier out where the light blue meets the darker blue.

View to our anchorage, Duane walking down the path.

And then we snorkeled a small sunken barge.  Plenty of fish.  Fun for a few minutes.

 And then back to the boats.

Later Ralph flew his drone and got this fabulous shot of both our boats!  (Sojourn on the left and Now & Zen on the right).

Later we invited the crew of Voyager (Robert and Linda) over for sundowners (and Leslie & Ralph, of course).  Fun evening.