Sunday, May 29, 2011

We had meant to leave home Friday, but stormy weather prevented that....and then more stormy weather prevented us leaving Saturday morning, as well. The runway was soggy and the ceilings were very low with fog. So, we just relaxed and waited it out! We took off about 7pm for Oriental, finally!!

Beautiful skies met us Sunday morning - we decided to head to Beaufort for the evening. I wanted to sail at least to the edge of Adam's Creek (the entrance to the intercoastal waterway) - so we tacked and tacked and very light winds for about an hour. And then we decided that we were NOT a sailboat today - and decided to be a very slow motorboat. HAHA.

The usual phosphate barge sighting! Never ceases to amaze me how big these things are!

Always scary going under these bridges since our mast is 64+ feet tall and the generic clearance for the intercoastal waterway is 65 or you understand my hesitation.....

We arrived safely a few hours later at the Town Creek Anchorage in Beaufort. We had not anchored her before - it's a nice little place to stay. Calm and very close to the waterfront.

Mom and Frank will remember this bridge shown opening here....we had a engine control issue when we came thru it with them a few years ago on a trip to Cape Lookout.

This is the view of the bridge from the anchorage.

A very nice day!

Cool boat anchored behind us...

I was taking a nap....and I kept hearing whistles. I stuck my head topsides and saw a little sailing school in progress.

We decided to take the dinghy to the waterfront for dinner. Glory Days - pretty, as ever.

Tied the dinghy up the the public dock.

Wandered down the boardwalk.

Ended up having drinks and dinner at Finz. Bartender gave me the "leftovers" from a neat drink she mixed in the blender. It involved pouring Bacardi 151 down the straw after the drink was made. Let's just say I'm glad I didn't have the whole drink!!!

Back at sundown to Glory Days. Nice cool breeze so it should be a great night to be at anchor!!