Sunday, January 1, 2017

South Florida boat shopping

We flew to south Florida to do a little boat shopping!

Arriving near Naples - we had forgotten how many people live in South Florida!!!  Haha

First up was 40' Leopard - this boat has been around the world!  It's very nicely equipped.

Nice galley.

And several custom features - including this great drawer arrangement in the forward guest berth for tool/spare part storage.

This was the only boat to see in Naples - so we had a bit of fun during what remained of the afternoon.

We went for a 4 mile walk - from our hotel to the beach.....on the way I spied these HUGE ficus trees in the background (the round mushroom-like trees)....just thought they were cute  and I wonder if I can get my little ficus tree to grow like that!!!  (Nice to be in shorts on Dec 30th!!!)

Walking down the beach in Naples - we're really close to the airport  - saw several helicopters buzzing the beachline.

Walked all the way to a quaint little downtown area called Tin City - lots of shops and restaurants on the waterfront.

We went to "Pinchers" - seemed to be a popular spot.

Two-for one beers....

And some really great raw oysters!

 On the walk back thru Tin City - note the airplane on final approach to the airport.

Then the next day, it was a quick flight up to Sarasota Airport (just 80 miles).

We had an appointment with a broker to see a couple of Manta catamarans.

I didn't get a really good photo of the "whole boat"....but it's a nice sturdy catamaran.  (I don't like the name....Iguana Dance....but that could be fixed).

Interior was in good shape.

Nice large berths.

Some nice cabinetry.

And we're thinking about putting an offer in for this one!!!