Sunday, July 4, 2010

July 4th Weekend on Ocracoke

What a wonderful weekend! The temperature couldn't be nicer! 80's during the day and 60's at night. Amazing considering the recent 100's!

We set out early for the long sail over to Ocracoke from Oriental.


I was at the helm for the first few hours - Sharon made me this wonderful fruit salad for breakfast.

After a while, I went below for a long nap! The winds were fairly strong - the boat was heeled over quite a bit as I kept sliding "down" the bed.

Soon after my nap, Ocracoke came into view. Oddly, we didn't pass a ferry close by this time.

Off to some of our favorite spots after getting the boat in order. Daijo - for some ring toss and peel-n-eat shrimp. We were a little disappointed to find the shrimp a little small and 25 cents each instead of the usual 15 cents.

A lady named Diane challenged the guys to a game of pool. Somehow, she won! I think they might have purposely missed a shot or two! Nice lady though.

The next day we hit the Jolly Roger - nice view from our table.

Paul and Gail, island friends of Buddy and Sharon told us the scoop on cheap shrimp. So, we followed their advice and went to the "Jimmy's Buffet" - there we found heaven - huge wonderful shrimp and at our expected 15 cents each!! Hot butter and cocktail sauce. Yum.

A game of pool or two was played there also. Interrupted by shrimp, that is.

Yeah, so far, so good!