Thursday, June 27, 2019

Blueberry Jam

Lindy is out of town for a week and told me to go harvest her blueberry bush.

So I did!

Got a nice little bowl full.

And whipped up some great blueberry jam!  We had some for breakfast and it's wonderful.  Good summer fun. 

Wednesday, June 26, 2019


We're back at home for a week or so - and naturally we're doing home chores.

Remember the broken glass in the basement door?  I had gotten a robo-call from Lowe's telling me that the special order replacement glass had arrived.  Went and picked it up - 10 minutes later we had the  new panel installed.

Pretty, clear glass again!

We found an area that had water damage under the dining room we're now doing an un-expected fairly major project to remove the water damage and replace with new boards.  Note that we had to remove a portion of the deck in order to access the area.

Always something!


Monday, June 24, 2019

Dinghy Chaps day 5 (very short day)

All I really accomplished in a couple of hours was to fit and sew in the "drawstring" at the base of the chaps.  The string will hold the chaps onto the boat.

I know it doesn't look like much progress.....

I'm pretty pleased with the fit.

I'm pausing here on the project because we have to go home for our yearly bloodwork and physicals.....when we get back I'll be adding some rubrail wear-strips and some pockets inside for storage.  Then we'll be ready to rig it up and lift it onto the boat davits.

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Dinghy Chaps day 4

Got a lot accomplished today - may not look like much, but the dreaded bow panel is in place!  It's tough making that rounded end fit well with non-stretchy material.  Lot's of darts (and a few seams ripped out and re-done).  Keep in mind that the dinghy is not fully inflated and the chaps are not attached yet to the boat - so it will look tighter when finished.

The end caps are treated special since this is where all the water will end up - it needs very porous material to help it drain.   Made a pattern and cut the triangles of Phifertex.

Rough fitting.

And end caps in place.  That's it for today!

Saturday, June 22, 2019

Dinghy Chaps Day 3

Beautiful sunrise!!

Another full day....

Just a lot of the same - sewing patches on and progressing towards the bow.

Moved the dinghy under the awning beside the camper for some sun relief!

And that's as far as I got today.  (Keep in mind that I've got the dinghy deflated quite a bit - so when we pump it back up, the cover will (hopefully) be nice and tight fitting.

Left a little cleanup until tomorrow, I'm tired!

Friday, June 21, 2019

Dinghy Chaps day 2

Pretty way to end the day yesterday.

This morning I started the actual sewing on the dinghy chaps.

First I cut out all the holes for the handles, etc.

Then I used paper to make patterns for all the reinforcement patches.

And cut out all the patches from Naugahyde that matches our Sunbrella sailcover color. 

Many, many patches!  Two for each opening because I'm making a "sandwich" to attach the patch to the grey Sunbrella material.

And here are some of the patches in place.

And that's it for the day.  I know it doesn't look like much, but that was about 8 hours of work (play)!

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Dinghy Chaps Day 1

Yes, another saga is beginning!!!

The new dinghy needs  new clothes!

Same drill as last time..... 

Using cheap shower curtain liners and tons of masking tape, I made the pattern for 1/2 of the dinghy.  (The other side should theoretically be a mirror image).

Then I took the pattern pieces and rough cut them out of marine grade Sunbrella material.  It's tougher and therefore stiffer than the Sunbrella material you'd use for an outdoor cushion or umbrella.

All cut and ready to start fitting/sewing.  All this in 90+ degree heat!  Yuck!

But that's all for today - we've got a picnic this afternoon that replaces our sailing club trip that was cancelled for weather.

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Boom back on the boat!

Got the boom back on the boat's still heavy!!  Painted with several coats of Petit EasyPoxy.  Nice paint but hard to work with in the 90+ degree heat.  Pretty and white again.  And no broken welds or corrosion now!

 In case you noticed, we turned the boom upside down because it was easier to rea-assemble most of the attached hardware with it in that position.  It was easy to turn it the correct way for the final installation.

About 5 hours later the sail is back in place, the lines are run thru the boom and the new zipper is once again functional in the sailcover.   Was more difficult than I expected!

Sunday, June 16, 2019

Chores in Oriental

Lot's happening in Oriental!

We've been enjoying these cool mornings!!  Almost chilly!  In June!!

If I knew how, I'd embed the song "Smoke on the Water" here....

Busy, busy!

I took a lot of the enclosure down and re-stitched any seams that were fraying.  The sun beating down on this stuff constantly plays havoc even on the special strong UV resistant thread we use.

So, the dinghy motor was supposed to arrive Friday by the end of the day UPS Freight.  Mid-day, I started calling them because I wanted to warn them that it wouldn't be a good idea to drive a tractor-trailer back to our property.  I finally ended up talking to the warehouse in Kinston and they told me that the package is being "consolidated" into a trailer to be taken to a vendor in Greenville who will then deliver it to us in 1 to 5 working days.  UPS Freight does not deliver to Oriental, apparently.   I needed to go to New Bern anyway, so I'd be half way to Kinston at that point - so we hooked up the trailer and I went to the warehouse and picked it up.

On the way home thru the country, I saw a farmer in a pickup selling sweet corn - stopped and got a bag with a dozen in it.  Turns out they gave me a baker's dozen!  Yum, nothing like sweet corn fresh picked!

Here's the lovely new 20 HP engine - complete with a 6 gallon fuel tank, electric trim and electric start.  Now just have to get a battery and some extra long cables and fuel hose since the battery and fuel tank will be stored in the compartments in the bow - 10 or so feet from the engine.

While I was gone to Kinston, Duane continued to prep and paint primer on the boom.   Whew....I'm tired.

Friday, June 14, 2019

Lots of boat work

Continuing repairs to the main sail cover.  Started ripping out the 17' zipper.

Zipper out and some other patches/repairs done.  Do you know how long 17' of seam ripping is?  I'll tell's long!!

This is what 17' of zipper looks like!

We picked up the boom from the shop.  They did a nice job on the welding.

Now we've got to sand all the little corroded areas and get it ready for prime/paint.

And our new dinghy was delivered! 

All pumped up and ready for me to start making chaps....I will soon but we just have too much going on right now for me to even start that project!