Sunday, June 9, 2019

Back at the boat!

Finally back at the boat!

We got the Avion all settled in it's normal spot and started some much needed mowing.   I was startled to see Duane laying on the ground with his hand up under the mower!  One of the blades was bent and he was investigating.  There's always something to fix!

And at the boat, the air conditioner was showing a error code....and the cooling water was not circulating....turns out that a big lump of jellyfish was stuck over the water intake grill.  I know this because I put my swimsuit on and felt around on the slimy bottom until I found the jellyfish and pulled it off in clumps.  Yuck!!  But the a/c is working fine now (until another jellyfish gets sucked in I suppose!)


  1. eeeuuuwwww!...can you put some sort of screen over it?...

  2. That's exactly what we did! It has a screen/grate attached to the boat itself, but that's what's clogging. We hung a weighted piece of chicken-wire from the boat across that area and we haven't had a problem in 2 days now. Fingers crossed. Love, K