Monday, June 10, 2019

New dinghy

So, one of the big items on our "list" from this winter was to replace our dinghy. 

While our dinghy had some good points - 30 HP motor zips around like crazy and the steering wheel/seating station were very comfortable.....

But the dinghy is very heavy (can't muscle it around on the beach) and it rides pretty low in the water (in heavy seas, water gets in the dinghy!)   Plus, all the nice seating in the dinghy takes up valuable space - I have nowhere to put all my groceries!! 

Other cruisers have an open dinghy that we like - so that's what we bought today - a brand new  Highfield 340 aluminum bottom dinghy.  

We'll take delivery on Wednesday.   I'm sure there will be many posts about adding a new engine and dinghy stay tuned!

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