Saturday, June 8, 2019

Getting ready

Finally getting ready to head back to the boat.  We're going to take the Avion to have an extra base for operations....first time out of the hangar since Hurricane Florence last year.

Before we leave, we needed to get the grass cut....Duane cuts the grass out near the runway with the tractor and finishing mower.  I use the riding mower to get close to the house.  I apparently got too close to the basement door....a rock hit the door glass. See the spiderweb cracks?  I didn't notice it until I had parked the mower.   You could still hear the little "tink, tink, tink" of more glass cracking when I got close.  It's double paned coated glass, so it's not going to fall out in pieces. 

An hour later it was even more cracked!  Amazing.   I ordered a replacement glass assembly from Lowe's for about $100.  Will arrive in about 3 weeks so we'll be good as new without having to remove the entire door. 

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  1. That's North Dakota we had double paned windows and one lost it's didn't crack but it just kept getting cloudier and cloudier until you couldn't see out it any more...