Sunday, September 4, 2011

Hurricane Irene "After" Photos from Pecan Grove

Our original plans for this weekend were to sail with Sharon and Buddy to Ocracoke for Labor Day....but Hurricane Irene put a stop to that! The boat is a bit "under the weather" (pardon the pun!!)

So, we changed course and made plans to fly to Myrtle Beach instead.

On our way, we flew to the boat to take the tattered foresail down...

Duane getting the sail down - not an easy process when it's wrapped tightly in several different directions during the hurricane!!

We also wanted to look at our little building lot across from the marina to see what it looked like after a hurricane....there is a house on the lot next door - it's for sale and vacant.  There is a couple of small trees that were toppled and resting on the house.  Doesn't look like there is any damage to the house.

Our lot is just wooded - but there are several very healthy looking pines that are just snapped off.  Shows the incredible power of the wind!  And this was just category 1!!!

There is alot of debris around the town, but doesn't look like too much other damage.  Lots of piles of debris like this one outside the marina.  Lots of folks will be getting new ductwork and sheetrock in the coming weeks!!