Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Oriental, NC

Yum, the bread turned out great!

We spent the day doing chores and mostly cleaning the boat.  The rugs got a washdown - first time in 5 months!   Beautiful sunny day to dry them out.  Washed all the moldy cushions as well with bleach/soap.

We heard thunder rumbling.....first time we'd heard that in 5 months!

And got a really good fresh water rinse!

And this is the sunrise shot this morning - pretty, moist and calm.

Monday, April 6, 2020

Oriental, NC

The most exciting thing that is happening is we're watching bread dough rise.....haha....but true.

We've not ventured out yet to go to the grocery store....and we're out of bread. 

Fortunately, today is going to be much warmer - so we'll be out doing a lot of much needed cleaning on the boat. 

Sunday, April 5, 2020

Oriental, NC

We spent the day relaxing and catching up on a bunch of laundry.  Fun stuff, right? 

Had dinner aboard Sojourn, called it an early night.  I think everyone is still a little frazzled from the almost 1000 mile journey in the last 10 days.

Back to the pretty sunrises on Brown Creek! 

Ed and Cathy are just tied to our dock right now.  We have made an appointment for the pilings to be moved to make a slip wide enough for them next month.

So, there probably won't be much "sailing" going on in the next little while.....hope everyone is safe and healthy.

Saturday, April 4, 2020

Completed Bahamas journey!

Up early Thursday morning - the "North Myrtle Beach Skyline" view over the marsh near Calabash as we pulled anchor.

Had a fantastic start to the day with a fun sail.  We did this last overnight leg of the trip offshore from the Little River Inlet to Beaufort.  Winds/waves were forecast to build overnight, so we hugged the shoreline to keep the sail as comfortable as possible. 

Interesting work boat out the channel (at Southport, I believe.)

A huge barge being towed by a tug.

Nice photo of What If under sail.

The final sunset of this Bahamas trip!!

And after a very "lumpy" night at sea, the final sunrise of the trip approaching the Beaufort, NC inlet.

Sea birds on the shore at Beaufort.

And the usual Beaufort sights.  Coast Guard boat.

Tanker being loaded.

I believe this is part of the phosphate industry.

An up-close look at some of those barges.  They're huge!

I spied a little helicopter in someone's back yard along the intercoastal.  I believe we've had that heli in for fuel at Siler.

And before we knew it, we were at  River Dunes for a fuel top off.  We didn't leave the boat - the dockhand just handed us the nozzle - took our credit card and handed us the receipt.  We then pulled off the dock and washed our hands!

And now we're back at our dock with What If.

Had our first beer in the US to celebrate a fun winter.   Before you worry about social distancing - we have "breathed the same air" as Ed & Cathy for the past few months.  We've been to exactly all the same places and we are part of the same "household" for now.  And we haven't been in contact with anyone at all for the past two weeks with the exception of being handed fuel hoses on two occasions.  So, for now we plan to stay on the boats and not venture out.  Plenty to keep us occupied.  Not what we were expecting to be doing in April, but we'll make the best of it!

Thursday, April 2, 2020

Intercoastal waterway, Calabash, SC

Pulled the anchor at about 8AM -  pretty swamps along the way.  Expect to see an alligator at any moment!

Going under one of the many fixed bridges.

What If going thru a swing bridge.  We had to request openings for 3 or 4 of these during the day.  We passed thru all of these with no delays.

Saw many of these flags along the way.   No comment.  (Which I guess is sort of a comment....)

Amazingly large houses along the way at some points.

Another swing bridge opening for us.

I had seen a couple of these mannequins on people's docks or in their back yards. What's up with that??   Kinda spooky if you ask me!!

Lots of commercial boats along the harbours sitting un-used.

The Myrtle Beach portion of the intercoastal is populated with lots of interesting little sights.  Lighthouse Marina (not really a lighthouse).

And another weird mannequin....

Casino boats sitting vacant.

Several boats anchored near us at Calabash Creek.   (along with a couple of ship-wrecks along the bank....not a good sign!)

Had a nice curry on Sojourn - made plans with What If to depart offshore in the morning - will do an overnight to Beaufort, NC and will hopefully be in Oriental at our home dock on Friday afternoon!

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Intercoastal Waterway, South Carolina

We motored along the intercoastal waterway for about 30 miles.  Breezy and chilly!!  (Well, it was 65 degrees - but that seems mighty cold to us!!!)  Had to go dig in the cabinet to find long pants for the first time in 4 months - and socks!!!

Pretty scenery along the way - so green!!  The Bahamas are beautiful, but famous for their blue waters - green terrain is often missing.

Myrtle Beach area is covered up with golf courses.  Apparently these golfers are practicing their social distancing on the links.....wonder if the private clubs can still have their clubhouses open for drinks afterwards??

Old boat anchored along the way.

Pretty bird sitting on the nest on a navigational marker.

Just miles of narrow channel.   Almost no boating activity -  saw just 3 or 4 other boats along the 30+ miles.

What If rounding a corner.  We're actually on the section of the Intercoastal that is the Waccamaw River - it twists and turns like a snake.  Last year when we transited this section, the trees were in pretty fall colors.  Today they are beautiful with fresh tender leaves of spring.

We stopped at a little "oxbow" along the waterway to anchor for the night.  Still chilly and rainy but pleasantly protected.

I had forgotten to take my Bahamas courtesy flag down when we entered the US so I did that once we anchored.  Not much left of it after 4 1/2 months beating in the wind and sun!!

 Here's what it looked like brand new!

We put the dinghy down and went about 150 feet over to What If for dinner.   We don't feel that we need to social distance from them since we've only been with them for the past 2 weeks.

Sojourn anchored at the oxbow.

 Grilled a few of those lobsters as a sortof Bahamian celebration.

Ed did the honors of repeatedly braving the downpour out on the deck to man the grill.  A fun visit to celebrate our USA arrival, but we were all tired from the 100+ hours straight since leaving the  Bahamas and retired to an early, restful night.  On towards Oriental tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Back in the U.S.A!!

Almost home now!

Sailing past Grand Bahama port on Saturday. 

Saw several more cruise ships anchored nearby.

And the 2 oil rigs just offshore.

Sortof ugly things....

Had 4 beautiful sunsets and sunrises!

More cargo ships along the way.

Arriving this morning after 96 hours and about 600 nautical miles.  Burned maybe just 25 gallons of diesel from Staniel Cay - sailing was terrific most of the way.  What If in the distance coming down the Georgetown, SC channel.

Marshy SC lowlands.

And the view down the steps....that tanic brown water.....I'll miss those gin-clear blues of the Bahamas!

We'll anchor just south of Myrtle Beach this afternoon and make our way on towards Oriental tomorrow!