Saturday, October 9, 2010

No Wind to Speak Of...Trip to River Dunes

OK, so the forecast was for 5 knots of wind, all weekend.....this is not good for sailing. But, we made the best of it. A short trip north to River Dunes was about the best we could hope for.

Nice, as always. Had a terrific lunch - I had the most scrumptious crab cakes I've had since the Chesapeake....neat area. The development will be wonderful some day - but the housing "bust" has slowed things down there. First class clubhouse, etc. Nice to have it such a short sail away.

Picked up fuel just because it was easy and they parked us alongside the fuel dock!

There was very light wind on the way home also - as a result we came very close to another sailboat going the opposite direction (neither of us wanted to lose our wind to avoid the other!)

Most of the way back, we ended up motoring....I read while steering (with the autopilot) - Eat-Pray-Love.

No wind means you get to wander easily around the boat while motoring. I spend some lazy time in the bow seat just watching the water go by.

Almost "home" to Pecan Grove. Nice little trip.