Monday, November 22, 2010

Trip with Mom and Frank

We had a nice long weekend with Mom and Frank - since the airplane is in the shop, we had to drive to Oriental ..... :-(

Even though we fly or drive thru New Bern every time we come to the boat, we've never stopped in to visit. We weren't in a rush, so we decided to do a little sightseeing.

It is a neat area - a little history, interesting quaint little shops.

I had read that you could visit the "Birthplace of Pepsi" - which we did happen upon while walking down the street. Wow, I expected more. It's just a plaque on the building and a tiny little store. Oh well....shouldn't put too much stock in the "things to do" Google search!

It was a very pretty walk - beautiful trees, wonderful weather.

All around, they have bears....bears....and more bears. Nice "public art". Yummy Port City Java coffee too.

On to the boat - much rummy was played. Mom cheated, I think.....

The next morning was gorgeous! Love this shot of the marina. I can just stare at the reflections of the boats on the still water.

I know we're in a rut....we set off to River Dunes for lunch. Pleasant day, not really enough wind (or rather, enough wind in the right direction!).

Lots of reading was accomplished.

Off the boat!

We had a good lunch -- then back to the boat for a pleasant trip back to Oriental. Just a little more chilly on the way back, but still lovely for the weekend before Thanksgiving!