Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter in Ocracoke

Ahhh...another fun trip to Ocracoke.

Having a few extra hours of relaxation time on Thursday evening, we took a circuitous route from New Bern to the boat in Oriental via Beaufort. Which meant we got to ride the ferry! I know, I'm easily amused!

It's a short little ferry - only about a 15 minute ride across the Neuse River at Minnesott Beach.

Sharon and Buddy joined us on Friday.  The weather forecast for the Pamlico Sound was pretty bad for Friday - so we stayed put in the marina until Saturday morning.  Almost ready to go - beautiful but chilly weather.  4 cups of coffee ready to shove off!

After all our warm spring-like weather this past month, we had to pull out the jackets again!

Always have to throw in those ferry photos - we always seem to cross paths with at least one when travelling to Ocracoke.

A few hours into the trip over, we all had some nice, warm toasted bagels.

It never really warmed up!

Haha - I went below to nap a while - glad I had my camera with me so no-one could steal a shot of me doing that!

The wind calmed a bit as we approached Ocracoke.

Glory Days all snug at the National Park Service Docks.  Since the weather was so bad on Friday, the dock was not at all crowded.

Made a run for Daijo's for peel-and-eat shrimp.  Oops, forgot to take a photo until they were all gone!

Saw lots of mallard ducks too...the moment I sat down on deck with a snack, they all flocked my way.  They must have really good senses.  They were sorely out of luck though.  I finished off my snack and they will have to go fishing!

Much relaxing, biking and reading was accomplished as usual.

But, we all know, reality is at hand and off we had to shove to go home.

A little warmer - and really good wind for the first part of the journey back to Oriental.  'til next time!