Monday, October 22, 2012

Beautiful Fall Weekend

We were overdue for a relaxing weekend at the boat! We headed down mid-day on Friday. The weather was supposed to be very nice for the flight - just a little cloudy. As we descended to land at New Bern, the clouds were lower than we expected....the airport is somewhere up there in front of us!

But no worries...I did a few errands and Duane actually finished the his day of work from the boat.

The next morning was a drop-down gorgeous fall day!

We went out for a short sail - the winds were light - here Duane is leaning out with the sail to keep it from flapping...being a bit silly.....

I looked backward and saw the "path" our boat had left in the water.  This only happens when the water is pretty calm.

A very pretty day for easy sailing!

Then it was back to the marina for the annual "social" lunch.  Just a few photos.....

Our "neighbors" in the slip next to us invited us over in the evening for a bottle of wine.  We had a nice visit (and more wine!) and before we knew it, the evening was over....

Early Sunday morning....

Sharon and Buddy joined us for a sail up to River Dunes for lunch - had some decent wind for this trip!

Capt'n  Buddy for a while.

Buddy was multi-tasking on this trip - getting the docklines ready to tie-up at the River Dunes dock.

I always take the same photo at River Dunes - this time the sun was so bright I couldn't get a shot without the glare on the windows.   Pretty, anyway!

I just snapped this photo in the clubhouse 'cause I thought the room looked cool....the Encyclopedia Brittanica volumes are 1883 vintage. 

Time was running out for this fun-filled weekend - back to Oriental.

Cool fishing boat out in the Pamlico on the way back.  Capt'n Jimmy was at the cabin door with a hearty wave as we passed by.

And just like that, it was time to scurry back to the airport for the flight back home.  Made it back just as the sun was seeping into the horizon....