Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Our friend's blog

Take a look at our friend's blog about their week with us during Hurricane Florence! 

What If 

Friday, September 21, 2018

Entrance mat for the boat

When we're at a dock, the first step you make onto the boat usually leaves a scuff or dirt from your shoes.  Sometimes I just throw an old towel there out to try to minimize the dirt tracked onto the boat.  I decided to make a custom fit towel/mat.

First, I used kraft paper to make a pattern.  I know it looks weird, but stay with me. 

I didn't take many photos during the process, but basically I found several old towels that were similar color and cut out the pieces using the pattern.  This photo is during the sewing - inside/out.  I sewed a total of 4 layers of towel to make it heavy.  (The grey and multicolor towels will be hidden when turned right-side-out).

And here is the finished product!  Very pleased with it and virtually no cost!

Thursday, September 20, 2018

More Hurricane Florence Cleanup

We spent most of the day over at the "other lot" cleaning up a bunch of fallen trees.  We had to clean it up to retrieve our trailer and riding mower!  Lots of trees fell - luckily they all missed the trailer.

Note the huge "rootball" on the left.  There were two huge trees attached to the rootball lying on the ground.  Duane cut the trees off -

And the rootball slammed back in place on the ground!

We're nowhere near finished....but we were tired and we'd ran out of water so we headed back to the boat for some rest!

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Hurricane Florence Cleanup

Lots of "stuff" washed up on our's just a sampling.  Nice Wheelbarrow.  Nice Adirnondack chair, bumper, playmate cooler....still finding stuff.

A few trees down that we'll have to saw up and haul brush.

More "stuff" and natural debris.

Different view of the broken trees.

We had our neighbor Jerry's big propane tank.  He came to retrieve it.....still full of fuel since he cut it off before the hurricane.  Still attached were the screw-in earth anchors that obviously didn't hold!


 We took a break and drove into Oriental to see if we could retrieve our riding lawn mower that we had parked on our other lot since it's on higher ground.  You can see it in the distance....but lots of trees fell on that lot.  We'll have to go back later with a chain saw to be able to get our mower!

Next is a series of photos showing us pulling our extremely heavy concrete bench out of  the water.  I'm still amazed that the water moved these two heavy benches!

All on dry ground!  We'll tie it to a tree for the next hurricane!

As we're clearing trees, we're starting to make a new firewood pile!

Looking better!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Post Hurricane Florence

Our friends departed this morning to go to their boat in Charleston.  We had a fun visit with them during the hurricane passing, great catching up and learning to play Canasta!!  Had a great time one night with Pat/Diane and Ed/Cathy for Mexican night when the local Mexican restaurant was closed because of the hurricane.

The hurricane dropped days and days of rain on us in Pittsboro.  The flood outside our house was the biggest we've ever seen.    Looking towards the hangar.  (Friend's RV is on the ramp).

A large amount of water coming thru the 3' culvert!

The area between the house and the hangar was also a the drain there was plugged.  Duane waded in and cleared the clog!

And the next day - all the rip-rap was washed away from the culvert.  Some of those rocks weigh 20-30 lbs!  Amazing force of water!

After Ed and Cathy departed for their next adventures, we packed up and headed to Oriental this afternoon.   Taking all the "stuff" back - the sail, tools and the dinghy.  Decided not to take the Avion back since we'll be leaving for the Bahamas in November anyway.


No trouble driving - although we saw lots of standing water, damage and debris.

Arrived at the lot - trees down and lots of junk lying around.  Will know more tomorrow.

Pretty sunset though!

A few minutes later.

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Post Hurricane Florence

Richard drove to Oriental last night!!  He's a nut - had to drive around on country roads since highway 55 was blocked with trees/power lines.

He took these great photos at our lot - I'm so relieved!   Sojourn safe and sound!  Still windy and high water.  Note the wave action - not normal!

So Richard must have waded out on the dock that is still underwater to get that photo above!

We'll have some cleaning up to do...amazing forces at work in a hurricane!  The concrete bench was sitting by the shoreline.  It weighs several hundred pounds.  We had two of them....I don't see the second one in any of the photos so it may have washed away.

The  lot is still somewhat underwater - note the left side - there is a propane tank and a dock box that are not ours floating!

This is the pad where we park the Avion.  Glad our drive appears in pretty good shape.

And our wheel barrow survived tied to a tree, but the wheel looks a little bent.   Note the firewood pile.  We left a pile of split firewood about 4' high - it all apparently floated away.  No worries, looks like we'll have plenty of firewood from the broken trees.  

Friday, September 14, 2018

Hurricane Florence

We don't know anything about the fate of Sojourn yet....

This is the last few photos we have of the neighbor's dock - the power went off at about 4pm yesterday, so no additional photos.

Their dock is pretty much identical to our dock.  (His camera doesn't capture our dock to the left.

Here the water is rising - the dock is almost underwater.

And a few hours later, their dock is underwater. 

And then a little later the yard was underwater.

The best we can estimate from other sources, the water continued to rise during the evening about 5 feet more.    This would have the water at the very top of our tall pilings where the boat is tied.  If we had left the Avion in place, it would have water past the windows and would have probably floated away!

Just hoping for the best for Sojourn!  We hope to hear from other neighbors today but don't really know for sure when they'll be able to venture back.

Monday, September 10, 2018

Hurricane Florence Prep

Good friends that we met in the Bahamas came to Pittsboro to visit yesterday.....and we promptly took them to Oriental to help us get our boat ready for the upcoming hurricane!!  They have an identical Manta sailboat, so they're very helpful!

Ed and Duane getting the dinghy ready to remove.

Cathy helping remove the sunshades and enclosure.

Removing the jib sail.

Getting extra lines ready.

And in the evening - we went over to Pecan Grove and removed his sails too.   Good fun/work!  Hope the hurricane is kind to us!

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Last of Ocracoke

We had a great "fish fry" with the Hutsons.  They came over to the boat with their fryer and proceeded to fry up some of the best hush puppies and bluefish I've had. 

Everybody had a hand in it.

 Rich and Sharon first frying up the hushpuppies.

Jeannine "shakin" the fish fillets with breading and Texas Pete/Old Bay.

See, everyone, even Duane participated.

Fun meal and I got the left over bluefish fillets!!  

....and before long the weekend was over.  The Hutsons left Monday, Buddy and Sharon headed back to Florida on the early ferry.  We shoved off and were out the channel at sunrise for a easy but windless motor back to the dock in Oriental!

Sunday, September 2, 2018

More Ocracoke Visit

Having a usual good time at Ocracoke.  Met up with the Hutsons for a bike ride around the island.

And later back at the boat for a rest.

Sojourn at sunset sortof reflecting the pink sunset colors,

Then today we set out on the dinghy to do a little clamming!

Fun and productive!

Duane joined in too!

We stopped at just a small bucket full....since I'll be the only one partaking....