Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Hurricane Florence Cleanup

Lots of "stuff" washed up on our's just a sampling.  Nice Wheelbarrow.  Nice Adirnondack chair, bumper, playmate cooler....still finding stuff.

A few trees down that we'll have to saw up and haul brush.

More "stuff" and natural debris.

Different view of the broken trees.

We had our neighbor Jerry's big propane tank.  He came to retrieve it.....still full of fuel since he cut it off before the hurricane.  Still attached were the screw-in earth anchors that obviously didn't hold!


 We took a break and drove into Oriental to see if we could retrieve our riding lawn mower that we had parked on our other lot since it's on higher ground.  You can see it in the distance....but lots of trees fell on that lot.  We'll have to go back later with a chain saw to be able to get our mower!

Next is a series of photos showing us pulling our extremely heavy concrete bench out of  the water.  I'm still amazed that the water moved these two heavy benches!

All on dry ground!  We'll tie it to a tree for the next hurricane!

As we're clearing trees, we're starting to make a new firewood pile!

Looking better!!

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  1. Glad you found your benches...and I love your new wheelbarrow!