Saturday, September 15, 2018

Post Hurricane Florence

Richard drove to Oriental last night!!  He's a nut - had to drive around on country roads since highway 55 was blocked with trees/power lines.

He took these great photos at our lot - I'm so relieved!   Sojourn safe and sound!  Still windy and high water.  Note the wave action - not normal!

So Richard must have waded out on the dock that is still underwater to get that photo above!

We'll have some cleaning up to do...amazing forces at work in a hurricane!  The concrete bench was sitting by the shoreline.  It weighs several hundred pounds.  We had two of them....I don't see the second one in any of the photos so it may have washed away.

The  lot is still somewhat underwater - note the left side - there is a propane tank and a dock box that are not ours floating!

This is the pad where we park the Avion.  Glad our drive appears in pretty good shape.

And our wheel barrow survived tied to a tree, but the wheel looks a little bent.   Note the firewood pile.  We left a pile of split firewood about 4' high - it all apparently floated away.  No worries, looks like we'll have plenty of firewood from the broken trees.  


  1. That is good news, Richard must have been determined!

  2. YAY for Sojourn making it through the storm...and kudos to Richard for braving the roads...