Friday, September 14, 2018

Hurricane Florence

We don't know anything about the fate of Sojourn yet....

This is the last few photos we have of the neighbor's dock - the power went off at about 4pm yesterday, so no additional photos.

Their dock is pretty much identical to our dock.  (His camera doesn't capture our dock to the left.

Here the water is rising - the dock is almost underwater.

And a few hours later, their dock is underwater. 

And then a little later the yard was underwater.

The best we can estimate from other sources, the water continued to rise during the evening about 5 feet more.    This would have the water at the very top of our tall pilings where the boat is tied.  If we had left the Avion in place, it would have water past the windows and would have probably floated away!

Just hoping for the best for Sojourn!  We hope to hear from other neighbors today but don't really know for sure when they'll be able to venture back.

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  1. glad you're home safe...things can be replaced...people can't...