Friday, September 21, 2018

Entrance mat for the boat

When we're at a dock, the first step you make onto the boat usually leaves a scuff or dirt from your shoes.  Sometimes I just throw an old towel there out to try to minimize the dirt tracked onto the boat.  I decided to make a custom fit towel/mat.

First, I used kraft paper to make a pattern.  I know it looks weird, but stay with me. 

I didn't take many photos during the process, but basically I found several old towels that were similar color and cut out the pieces using the pattern.  This photo is during the sewing - inside/out.  I sewed a total of 4 layers of towel to make it heavy.  (The grey and multicolor towels will be hidden when turned right-side-out).

And here is the finished product!  Very pleased with it and virtually no cost!


  1. That is so cool and professional!



  2. Sharon here - I like the way that sewing machine has paid for itself!