Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Last of Ocracoke

We had a great "fish fry" with the Hutsons.  They came over to the boat with their fryer and proceeded to fry up some of the best hush puppies and bluefish I've had. 

Everybody had a hand in it.

 Rich and Sharon first frying up the hushpuppies.

Jeannine "shakin" the fish fillets with breading and Texas Pete/Old Bay.

See, everyone, even Duane participated.

Fun meal and I got the left over bluefish fillets!!  

....and before long the weekend was over.  The Hutsons left Monday, Buddy and Sharon headed back to Florida on the early ferry.  We shoved off and were out the channel at sunrise for a easy but windless motor back to the dock in Oriental!

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  1. ...looks like a fun time...and another pretty sunset!