Sunday, June 2, 2019

More home chores

I know this doesn't have anything to do with sailing....but the quicker we get done with some more chores at the house, the quicker we'll get back to the boat!

We'll pull the Avion back to Oriental when we go's been cooped up in the hangar all winter and it's looking pretty neglected.  We pulled it home from Oriental before Hurricane Florence last year and basically haven't touched it since.  The anodized aluminum was showing the normal oxidation that it gets when ignored.

 So a bit of wax and it looks much better!

Side panel before -

 And after

 Rear panel before

And after

And we have loads of trees that needed attention.  Just too many low hanging branches.  We used our borrowed bucket truck to  remedy that.

And lots of low hanging tree limbs on our driveway made it feel like a jungle.  It's not obvious, but we drug mountains of brush away.  Hours and hours in the muggy afternoon.  I was pooped!

These photos don't really do it justice....the road is much more open now.

And the branches don't hit the top of your car anymore!

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  1. the Avion is shiny and bright now...and that bucket truck is a handy thing to have...the driveway looks awesome!