Friday, May 31, 2019

More house chores

We're just slowly getting a bunch of house chores done....

While we were gone this winter, a squirrel or other varmint ate holes in our decorative house vents.....we couldn't find a nest in the attic so don't really know what the point was....

You can see one of the holes here:

So Duane used the bucket truck again to remove 3 of these vents.

Then he used aluminum sheeting to bend covers for each of the slats.  His reasoning is that the varmint can't chew thru the aluminum!

All finished, ready for paint.

After 3 coats of paint, reinstalled.  

Sometime soon we're going to finally put a deck under the "door to nowhere".....stay tuned.   Now we need to get back to the boat for more chores!!  What a life....

1 comment:

  1. ...that's a pretty persistent squirrel...LOVE the nice metal fix though...