Sunday, May 5, 2019

Grand Cay, Abacos, Bahamas

We had a lovely no-engine sail about 38 miles over to Grand Cay.  This will be our jump-off spot for the sail back to Oriental , probably tomorrow.

Weeded our way past a couple more of the "sand bores".  Pretty shallow water!

Approaching the anchorage at Grand Cay.  We'll get everything tied down and ready for our 3 day crossing to Beaufort, NC.  I have to use up all our fresh vegetables as US Customs does not allow anything fresh to be brought back into the country (even if it has a US origination label!!)   No worries, we're low on supplies and I will make a few things to have handy like potato salad and coleslaw. The crossing should not be too rough, but it's always better to have things already prepared than to count on me feeling like getting in the galley and cooking underway!  I'll update you tomorrow if we are actually departing and our ETA at Beaufort.

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  1. ...beautiful wishes for a pleasant journey...