Friday, May 10, 2019

Crossing from Bahamas to Oriental

Our last Bahamian sunrise for this season!!

The last little islet of the Grand Cays on our northbound journey.

I won't go into specifics....but the next 48 hours were yucky.  Waves were a bit confused and from aft.  This always makes the boat shift around "like a washing machine".  It makes me nauseous.  Enough said.  But I stood my watches and survived it.

Once we hit the Gulfstream, we were flying!  The Stream gave us about 3.5 knots of free speed for about 18 hours.  Sweet!

No fish were boarded...but one giant was hooked!!  This is what happens when you put 50 pound test fishing line on a pole that is only rated for 20 pounds.  Big fish bites and simply breaks the pole.  We will have better fishing equipment next season!

Sunrise of day 3.  Seas are calmer.

Approaching Beaufort inlet, busy place with sportfisher boats and a big dredge.

Up the Intercoastal Waterway - with sails up.  The wind was just perfect.

Out in the Neuse River, the familiar tar-ish water and a phosphate barge.

Back at "home"!!!

I had transplanted some of my amaryllis bulbs that Grandma had given me over the years last fall.  I was pleased to see one of them blooming on shore!

Bentley from Salty Paws saw us sailing in and hailed us on the VHF to come over for drinks when we got settled.  They are staying over at Jerry and Donna's dock for the week.

Had a nice visit with them.

We took our Bahamian courtesy flag down - just wanted to show you the before/after. 

Here is the flag brand new.

And here it is after 6 months! 

There ends the 2nd Bahamas season for the McCraws.   Lots of fun, now to get busy with some repairs and plans for next season!

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