Wednesday, May 29, 2019

House maintenance

So, it seems like we came back to our house just to work on it!

It's been a few years since anything outside has been "washed" and it was showing.  The siding and the concrete were all moldy.

Luckily, our neighbor John has the bucket truck we can borrow!

A lot of bleach and a good rinse is all it takes to brighten it up.

And as the cleaning progressed, I got out our small pressure washer and tackled the moldy front sidewalk.   It was rather tedious but fun to see the fresh concrete color emerge from under the mold.

Much better!

Next was the moldy deck.....

 We used a good bit of bleach on the deck as well as the pressure washer.  The deck is 25 years old and it's been thru quite a few mold/wash cycles and it doesn't come perfectly clean.

 And the last item on the agenda was the lower concrete pad.  It was nasty!  Almost slippery with mold and dirt.  For this, we borrowed Pat's much bigger pressure washer.

Again, fun to see the fresh concrete under all that mold.....but at some point, it sure became quite the chore!!

But much better now!  Time for a rest.

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  1. That's a lot of work...but the difference is amazing...