Sunday, May 26, 2019

Rest of the Ocracoke sailing trip and family visit

We had to scurry back from Ocracoke to Asheville for Frank's funeral.

I had one more day of photos from the sailing trip in my camera - so here they are!

We sortof filled up all the available space at the NPS docks with SCOO boats.

Our final event with the group was the  potluck dinner.  Dale is the organizer of this event and did a great job.

The potluck meals this group does are great!  Wonderful veggie salads and lots for me to eat that doesn't involve meat.

Even a great veggie only pizza.

Just a wonderful group and a perfect day. 

And then it was a trip to Asheville for the funeral.  We had the normal cookout at Mom and Frank's.   Mom and her younger brother David.

 David and Lib were in town for the funeral and came over to visit.

 Shannon listening to all Gene's jokes.  (some of which were slightly funny, haha)

And after the funeral we went to a Mexican restaurant with all the relatives.  A big group!!!!   (Sorry, some of these photos are not the best since my cell phone isn't of the highest quality)

Eddie and Trudi

Keith and Denise

Eddie and Brittany

Curt and Judy

David and Pam

Gene and Francis (I took several shots, and believe me, this is the best one since Gene wouldn't behave!)

Shannon and Jeff

Teresa and Rafe

Richard and Miranda

And Robert - he had been "messing with" Teresa, so she paid him back....

And Mom - she's doing fine and looking good!

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