Sunday, June 16, 2019

Chores in Oriental

Lot's happening in Oriental!

We've been enjoying these cool mornings!!  Almost chilly!  In June!!

If I knew how, I'd embed the song "Smoke on the Water" here....

Busy, busy!

I took a lot of the enclosure down and re-stitched any seams that were fraying.  The sun beating down on this stuff constantly plays havoc even on the special strong UV resistant thread we use.

So, the dinghy motor was supposed to arrive Friday by the end of the day UPS Freight.  Mid-day, I started calling them because I wanted to warn them that it wouldn't be a good idea to drive a tractor-trailer back to our property.  I finally ended up talking to the warehouse in Kinston and they told me that the package is being "consolidated" into a trailer to be taken to a vendor in Greenville who will then deliver it to us in 1 to 5 working days.  UPS Freight does not deliver to Oriental, apparently.   I needed to go to New Bern anyway, so I'd be half way to Kinston at that point - so we hooked up the trailer and I went to the warehouse and picked it up.

On the way home thru the country, I saw a farmer in a pickup selling sweet corn - stopped and got a bag with a dozen in it.  Turns out they gave me a baker's dozen!  Yum, nothing like sweet corn fresh picked!

Here's the lovely new 20 HP engine - complete with a 6 gallon fuel tank, electric trim and electric start.  Now just have to get a battery and some extra long cables and fuel hose since the battery and fuel tank will be stored in the compartments in the bow - 10 or so feet from the engine.

While I was gone to Kinston, Duane continued to prep and paint primer on the boom.   Whew....I'm tired.


  1. Whew...that is a lot...nice motor too...don't let anyone call you a C.P. ...

  2. HAHA, haven't heard that in years! Love, K