Saturday, March 31, 2018

Fun day and making my own conch salad!!

Busy day -  we set our sails and had a screamer at 8 knots over to Snake Cay to see a protected mangrove area.

We saw this sport fisher boat on our port side - and it was clear that we were on a collision course.  He has the requirement to avoid us since we were under sail.  I kept expecting him to alter his direction slightly and go behind us....but he did not.  At the last minute I pointed towards him to make sure we didn't crash.  I don't know if he didn't know or didn't care.....

The rest of the sail was pleasant and we anchored near the entrance to the mangroves.

After a bumpy dinghy ride thru the cut (the winds were still 25 knots, and there was about a 3' swell going into the mangroves - wild on a little dinghy!)

Once in the protected area, we spent over an hour putzing around.

Then we had a nice sail over to Tiloo Bank - a pretty sandbar that gets really shallow at low tide.

Spent some time wading around looking for sand dollars .

Duane being silly, pretending to take a nap.

Didn't find any sand dollars, but found a sea biscuit.  This one is just the shell.

And a live one!

Saw so many conch - I thought we should try our hand at some conch salad.  Took 2 large ones.
We are permitted to fish and take conch per our Bahamas Cruising Permit.

Relatively simple process - punch a hole in the surface and cut an attachment point, then pull the meat out.

Fresh conch!

Tedious to clean - the trimmings on the left were frozen for use as fish bait next time we're in the ocean.

The trimmed white meat - ready to be "beaten".  It's terribly tough if you don't do this step.  I wrapped the meat in plastic bags and beat on it with the side of the hammer.

The fixin's - the finely chopped conch, the sour oranges Reid and Laurie gave us, tomato, onion, lime juice and some red pepper flakes.  (I didn't have fresh I improvised.)

Mixed all together and let marinate for about 15 minutes to "cook" the conch with the acids.

Yummy dinner with peas n' rice and cornbread!  (Duane had a grilled hamburger since he can't eat the conch).  Good day!!

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