Sunday, April 1, 2018

Snorkel Sandy Cay and beach treasure

We headed south to Sandy Cay to snorkel an area that was reported to be very nice.

Pretty little private cay - only one house and a couple of these little gazebos.

 They were correct about the snorkeling!

I was excited to see an eel - love to watch as they wiggle in-and-out of the coral.

After lunch we wandered around on this deserted cay.

Found all kinds of treasure!   I don't normally bring shells back to the boat, but these were so pretty I couldn't resist!

And we rid the little cay of some trash too!  We saw a mooring ball washed up into the treeline area.  We'll need one when we get home (we need to put in a hurricane mooring in Oriental) - so now we won't have to buy the ball! 

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  1. ...that's neat that you've found two mooring balls now...for free...we're so frugal...