Thursday, April 26, 2018

Back to the boat in Titusville

We headed back to Titusville this morning after an extremely nice and lazy week at Buddy and Sharon's in Venice....

The dinghy had about 2" of water in the floor due to all the storms that passed over while we were gone.  No worries, we have a bailer that made quick work of it.

On the way out to the boat - there was an alligator in the marina!! (It looks like a floating log....riding past on the dinghy just a few inches out of the water was a little scary!!)

Thought I'd mention the Titusville Marina moorings just in case any boater is interested.  These are some of the nicest mooring "balls" that we've ever hooked up.  The line was nicely coiled inside the drum and you simply lift the nice eye out of the drum.  The fellow at the marina said that they are brand new.  Good secure way to leave the boat for a long period without worry about dragging an anchor.

Plans for the next few days will be up the intercoastal waterway.....the weather offshore is going to kick up nasty waves on Sunday/Monday.  So, we'll putter along the waterway and decide to go offshore in the next few days if it looks pleasant.  Stay tuned!

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  1. ...dontchajustlove neat innovations like that...I love all the smiling photos of you two!...Rafe would never stand for all those selfies...haha...