Monday, April 2, 2018

To Little Harbour and more treasure

We apparently are lucky lately - we spied another ball floating in the was in the middle of Little Harbour Cut, so open to the ocean.  We knew it wasn't an actual mooring ball based on it's location.  So we hopped on the dinghy and retrieved it.

It's more of an extra large bumper, not a mooring ball.   We cleaned it up and deflated it to store it.  It will come in handy at our home dock in Oriental. 

Took the dinghy into the inner harbor and peeked at a couple of caves.

It was reported that the parents of  Pete of "Pete's Pub" used these caves to live briefly upon their arrival here to this area that was deserted in 1950.

Pete is a sculptor - pretty bronze castings.

There's a gallery on the island too.....with very LARGE pricetags!

Found the trail to the lighthouse ruin.

 Beautiful shoreline.

Lighthouse ruin in the top of the photo.

Lighthouse was ruined about 50 years ago.

Sojourn anchored in the distance.

Near Pete's Pub

After a nice few hours in Little Harbour, we headed off shore to do a little bit of luck, so we came back into the protected waters.

Headed to Tahiti Beach, a sandbar that dries at low tide.

A true beach bar - it's a boat!

The Thirsty Cuda!  Not bad - $10 burgers on the beach.

Wandered around on the sandbar - found a broken sand dollar.

And a selfie!

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  1. What a fun and interesting place...wonder if it's true about living in the caves...doesn't sound too cozy to me...did you go in?...did they look 'livable' are getting so tanned...