Friday, April 6, 2018

Snorkeling Great Guana Cay and transiting the Whale

Pretty sunrise with fancy houses in foreground.

We moved the boat over to the other side of the island into the open ocean to do some snorkeling on the exposed reef since the winds were calm.

I'd read that you should "find the house with the circular water slide" and head offshore to the reef". 

Sojourn anchored close to shore.

The reef was beautiful!!

Cool ray swam by (deeper so a little darker).

Coming back from the reef on the dinghy.

The winds had kicked up but we decided to head thru "The Whale" anyway.  This is a open cut from the ocean to the Sea of Abaco and is notorious for uncomfortable swells that hit the boat from the side.  It was a bit uncomfortable for about an hour, but not dangerous.

We anchored near No Name Cay and went for a few hours on the dinghy exploring a mangrove area and the shoreline.   Here's one of those big starfish!  That's about it for the day.  

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  1. ...all so neat...imagine having a waterslide like that...and I can't get over how clear the water is...