Monday, April 30, 2018

St. Augustine to Cumberland Island, GA

Just another day in the "ditch".....

We're away from big cities now, so the scenery is more natural.

Somewhere between Jacksonville and Fernandina there was a huge dock - looked commercial but this appears to be a Navy boat.

Other vessels under repair.

I believe this is the St. Johns power plant near Jacksonville.

There is a 7 foot tide in this area - lots of flats visible at low tide.

Near Amelia Island - a cargo ship being unloaded.

Around the bend was this huge plant.  I looked it up - it is a paper plant.  Funny - it didn't smell at all.

That's it for the day - I forgot to snap a sunset photo!  We'll visit the Cumberland Island National Seashore park tomorrow.

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  1. ...That's neat...we used to call Jacksonville home...and we actually went sailing on the St. Johns once with some friends of ours there...