Wednesday, April 11, 2018


I'd read that there was a small restaurant in Cooperstown that served cheap Bahamian fare.  So around lunchtime we put the dinghy in the water - and it wouldn't crank.  So, Duane diagnosed a battery cable that was completely corroded inside of a rubber sheath.  He cleaned it up and clamped it together in a makeshift repair.

I was sneaky and grabbed a photo....always fun to work on things as you bob around in the ocean!

 Easily found the restaurant with directions from the nice fellows at the dock.   No menu, just a nice lady that told us the 3 choices for the day.

I chose a wonderful spicy fall-off-the-bone chicken curry.   $10 and fun to have a meal "not cooked by me"!

Wandered around a little in the town just to stretch our legs.  Definitely not a tourist town.

But pretty views!

Headed south a couple of hours at 7 knots with full sails to an anchorage near Green Turtle.  We'll have some strong winds to deal with for a couple of days so will be finding protection from various wind directions.

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