Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Drift snorkel Snake Cay

We spent several hours near Snake Cay to snorkel the mangroves since the wind/waves had calmed down.

We went about a mile into the protected area where there is a strong tidal current.  Then we just jumped off the dinghy and drifted with the current....no swimming required.  (Duane held the line to the dinghy so it just followed us in the current).

Not spectacular like a reef, but pretty nonetheless.

Saw so many starfish!!

Different one....they're huge!!

Saw many of these skates/stingray/mantas....not sure which....

Took this photo so you'd get an idea of the hugeness!

 I swam right up to the mangrove and took this photo of the roots of the pretty mangroves.

And the mangroves from the surface.

Another ray - a little deeper water.

A "baby" starfish.

And some angel fish.

Very interesting and full of life.  A fun day!

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  1. Mangroves are so cool...and that's lovely clear water...and what fun that you didn't have to expend any effort...