Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Moving the boat back towards the US

We're moving back towards the US coast starting today.

Pulled up anchor and headed out from Treasure Cay this morning.

We decided to take the "shortcut" past Don't Rock instead of another trip out thru Whale Cut.  It saves a couple of hours, so worth it.

This is Don't Rock - just a lone rock protruding out in the shallow water.

The shortcut is very, very shallow.    The chart says the depth is .7 meters at low tide or  2.3  feet.  Since our boat draws about 4 feet, we obviously need more water than that under our keels.  So we had to time it on a rising tide (in case we run aground we'll still have some extra tide to lift us off, in theory).     Here's our path in case a fellow traveler wants to follow it - the lowest point we saw was about 6 feet so we breezed thru (but very slowly just in case!)

Strange brand new shipping facility at the north end of Great Abaco.  Looks brand new....

And completely deserted.

Arrived at Great Sale Cay about 12 hours later - great motor/sail.   Nothing much here - just a really good anchorage for the hop-off to the US coast.

 We'll probably do a 24 hour hop to the east coast of Florida since the weather is supposed to move in with a dreaded low pressure system by the weekend.  So, we'll be back with you in a day or two!


  1. ...did you set foot on the rock?...



  2. no, as far as i know it's shaped like a mushroom so no way to get on it!