Sunday, April 22, 2018

Hanging in Venice

Just a relaxing land-bound day in Venice! 

We walked about a mile over to the Venice Airport for a festival that Sharon suggested - Bluegrass music and BBQ.

Beautiful day and very well attended.

There was a "chili cookoff" - with the public sampling 25 different group's chili.   You voted for your favorite.  I could only sample 1 type - a great white chili that was like a corn chowder with only chicken (no mammal meat).  But it was great!  So, I voted for them.

The had a nice stage set up and a good bluegrass band playing.  We didn't sample any BBQ because we were all full from the chili samples!   We didn't tote chairs so decided before long that it was time to walk back to their house.   Spent the rest of the day in the pool and generally being lazy!  


  1. ...any vegan options?...looks like fun though...



  2. no, you would think that someone would have offered a meatless option....i asked at each of the 25 booths and they all acted like i was crazy!!