Thursday, April 12, 2018

Rainy day

We woke to squalls and thundershowers.   Nice occasionally to get a nice drenching rain to wash all the salt crystals off the boat! 

Since the winds are going to increase and move to the east, we headed back across to the Green Turtle anchorage.

And here we'll stay for a while.  There is a nasty cold front coming thru Sunday.....gusts expected to 50-60 knots, so we have to be ready.   Nothing exciting going on, just relaxing!


  1. really have to watch the winds the cold front going to be cold...or is it just going to affect the wind?



  2. good question! no, it's not "cold" at may drop the temp from 82 degrees to 76 degrees. mostly it's just about strong winds that change direction. that's important because most anchorages only offer "protection" from the winds that are from certain directions. so, when the wind changes direction as a cold front passes, the wind and waves can get really nasty from the "unprotected or open" direction.