Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Powell Cay

Went ashore at Powell Cay to do a couple of little hikes.

Beautiful beach.

There is a trail across the island to the ocean.  It's well marked by flotsam.  About 1/2 mile thru thick scrub.  Pleasant and shady!

A hermit crab scurried across the path - then "hid" in his borrowed shell.

Another beautiful view!

There was lots of trash washed up on the open ocean side - as often happens.  Some previous cruiser has taken it upon themselves to make a hammock out of old fishing net and line.  It's actually quite comfortable!

A different short trail to the "bluff" that is about 50' high - Sojourn at rest in the distance.

Saw this interesting thorny vine - the vine itself was thorny and the seed pods were just evil!  Will have to find out what this is called.

While we were walking, I picked up some prizes off the beach.  A floating frisbee, a heavy coconut and a cool fishing lure!

Duane made quick work of extracting the coconut from the husk.  I was excited at the prospect of some fresh coconut, but was disappointed when we cracked it we found it rotten.  Hope to find a fresher one sometime!

I made some coleslaw for lunch....thought you'd enjoy seeing the head of cabbage I bought in Green Turtle....

And we moved the boat a few miles across the See of Abaco and anchored outside of Copperstown for the night for some west wind protection. 

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