Saturday, March 3, 2018

Cambridge Cay and Staniel Cay

Pretty sunrise at Blackpoint Settlement.

I'd wanted to snorkel a couple of "rocks" (a.k.a. little islands) that are only really accessible in very settled weather.  Finally, we have that!

So, off we went!  It's about 15 miles away.

Going out Dotham Cut - we had 3 knots current "against" us, so  it was a slow process getting thru the cut into Exuma Sound.

Current as we passed thru the cut.

Caught a couple of barracuda on the way....these were released.

On the way north, we crossed paths with another Manta sailboat - Now and Zen.  He hailed us on the radio and invited us to join them back down at Staniel.   The Manta "family" is very friendly. 

Cambridge Cay is part of the Exuma Park - so no fishing allowed here!

We anchored and headed to the Rocky Dundas  for some snorkeling.  The opening to a cave is visible here.  You just swim thru the opening.

Inside the cave!

Looking up towards a hole in the ceiling of the cave.

Formations in the large cavve.

Duane swimming away from me out of the cave.

We snorkeled around a bit - not too spectacular, but ok.

And back to Staniel Cay to meet up with our "new Manta friends" for the evening!

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