Friday, March 16, 2018

From Spanish Wells to Little Harbor, Abacos

Up early - pretty sunrise.  Leaving the anchorage to go to the fuel dock.  Note the cargo boat to the right.

After getting fuel, we went out the channel, passed the cargo ship we saw at sunrise.  This is the islands only means of supply.

Pretty houses on the channel.

Uneventful 9 hours north to the Abacos.

Saw just one ship on the way.

For hours we were over "deep" water - over 12,000 feet deep.  The color was really deep blue and there was a cool "shimmer" when looking over the side of the boat!

 Arrived at Little Harbor.   Neat place.

We had been told to be sure to visit "Pete's Pub".

Neat, just another beach bar.

In for the night.  We'll sail a little farther north tomorrow to meet up with friends Reid and Laurie that went on the Bahamas charter with us years ago.  They have a house on Great Guana Cay.

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