Monday, March 19, 2018

More Abaco

Laurie had given me a couple of "sour oranges" from their back yard.  She said to use them for a marinade as they were extremely acidic.  I made a marinade for some chicken - jerk style using the sour orange juice, some cinnamon, garlic, ginger, thyme, olive oil, soy sauce and some sugar.

Trying my hand at an actual loaf of bread instead of rolls this time.

Turned out wonderful!

About the time the bread was finished, Reid called and invited us to join them on the power boat for the day.

 First destination was No Name Cay to see some "wild" pigs....similar to Staniel Cay.

They seem to be well fed and secure.

Next stop was Pineapples Beach Bar....nice little venue. 

And next was a stop over near Manjack Cay to let the kids see some stingrays.  I took a little walk around the pretty beach.

There was a group of girls from Germany that were on the beach - they were happy to help the two boys trying to feed the stingrays.

Of course, Bob and Reid were happy to help too while the girls were there!!  Never know what will happen in the Bahamas!

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  1. Cute little piggies...and another gorgeous beach...