Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Georgetown, Exumas

We wanted to go for a bit of snorkeling....went to one reef but the water was too cloudy due to the huge surf/surge we're seeing right now.   So, we went to a more protected spot.

Was not really worth the trouble....Duane diving down to see into an underwater cave.

Some fish, but the water was murky and had this algae floating around.  Oh well, better than a day at the desk!

Stopped over by Chat n Chill to ramble around and see what was going on.  Visited the evening away with new friends from What If. 


  1. still looks like fun...even murky...



    1. You know any time I get green tomatoes, they get fried. The pirate costumes are pretty elaborate, nice. You sure are getting a lot of "fun" in.