Saturday, March 3, 2018

Farmer's Cay to Georgetown

We lifted anchor early in the morning for the 40 mile run south to Georgetown.  The winds are forecast to be 30+ again in a day or so due to a cold front passing.  (Cold is relative here - it will still be 74 here).

The three "sisterships" - Now and Zen, Sojourn and What if anchored just outside Ty's Sunset Bar.  

Uneventful motor/sail to Georgetown.  We had two fishing rods out the entire way but caught nothing but sea moss.  I took a sneaky photo of Duane pulling down the sails.

About 7 hours today - finally arrived Georgetown.  Lots and lots of boats here!

The folks on Now and Zen radioed to tell us that we should go with them a bit north on the dinghy to a little beach get-together.

Turned out to be a "big" get-together.  Apparently there is a radio "net" at 8AM every morning that announces all the activities around Georgetown for the day.  The invitation apparently went out this morning to bring a beverage and a snack to the beach.

Interesting mix of folks - met several from Oriental - cool!


  1. I didn't know so much organized "partying" went on among sailors. Sure looks like fun. MOM

  2. yeah, we didn't really know that either! activities are announced every morning. not sure we'll participate always. happy people around, for sure. love, k

  3. ...that's quite a crowd...all with dinghies...funny...

    ...glad you had a good time...