Saturday, March 3, 2018

To Farmer's Cay

There is a cold front coming in a day or two, so we're heading south (with the 2 other Mantas) towards Georgetown where there is protection from the strong north and west winds.

We headed to Farmer's Cay out in the Exuma Sound - just a nice few hours.  We fished but didn't catch anything other than some vegetation!

Anchored in front of Ty's Sunset Bar near new friends from XYZZY.  (The name of the boat comes from a password to an ancient 1970's computer game, apparently true Geeks will be amused!)

Our friends with the two Manta catamarans soon arrived for the night.

Now and Zen -

And What If?

Sorry for the strange expressions on some of these photos....everyone was having a great time, I just caught some folks  mid-word or bite.

Our fisherman/woman and cooks!

The lovely hostess.

And the spread!  Fresh fish, conch salad, sweet potatoes and brussels sprouts.  It was delicious!

Ready to depart, back to our respective boats....up early tomorrow for the long trip to Georgetown.

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  1. ...looks like fun...I like the dark photo of the three dinghies tied up...